Blog Backlog, if you will.

blog 1 - "Dev Inside" and what to expect -

When in the process of creating something I have in the forefront of my mind the desire for laughter and whimsy. In the face of evil, I choose to bounce around babylon with a new bit, designed to forgo the road blocks that have been set for us with a joyous cackle. I aim to bring forth the silver lining of nostalgia without being shrouded by the tidal wave that is risked when flirting with it. I aim to facilitate an environment where we can form our own meta, our own silly canon to pump tires anew with helium. A cheat code to the heaviness of life. As the whimsy specialist of the Ruby Yacht, I offer a homespot for all crazy heads (like me) to continue our loud joy into the end. I hope you will find enjoyment in the act of participating if you so wish. I like games, and so I play.

I have been "Dev Outside" for some time now, talking to people at random is so fun. I like to chat with people as if we were outside of a gig. Alass, gigs are gone now, so I have decided to juke this turmoil yet again but developing a new lucrative online show that will have media execs gritting their teeth (good).

"Dev Inside" will be a media club, chaotic call in show, and whimsy launchpad where we can for the most part do whatever. I imagine a low effort meet up spot for everyone who has ever wrote "epic" on the internet and meant it earnestly. Or, more specifically, anyone who has felt the flighty feeling of giggling into the darkness.

I still have a few things to plan out for the first episode before I am able to announce everything with a flier. But I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the browser game "Line Rider."

If you'd like to chat, I set up a forum (link up top) should sync with your google acct. I hope to talk abt all kinds of things :-)

tata for now

-Dev, Cookie the Bookkeep, Admin of The Epic Club, Spider-Man and Underdog fanfic writer, Wade cosplayer, Ruby Yacht Young Blood, and Paul Simon expert.

blog 2 - "Dev Inside announcement and a painfully detailed explanation of how I see this 'show' panning out"

Hello! I am now prepared to share more about the first world of "Dev Inside" which will focus around a Line Rider Showcase and feature the musical guest and rbyt homie's band Lacefront. This event will take place November 29th beginning at 7PM EST, I will embed the stream here that day, but it will also be available over at my twitch (click flyer) I am over the moon excited to showcase black joy and art with the crew as always :-)

I found out you can save Line Rider tracks as a .json file which basically stemmed into the idea of having a Line Rider showcase. I figure, anyone who desires their epic track to be shown to the club, can email w their file, and then call in during the show and I'll load it up live. I'm hoping this can be something small and outside the box that we can look forward to together. This isn't a contest rather an excuse to spend some hours playing a browser videogame, and then watch an awesome band perform.

Consider this our first club meeting, call in, say what's up, we can go over our weeks and watch the 2D person sled :-)

-Dev Rider, Line Inside