i am devin bailey otherwise known as pink navel or dot dev or sometimes "stinker" this is the epic club, if you are here, you are in the club! let this function as a homespot for dev themed projects such as "dev inside" and "music" and "toys creation"

very simply, it is i, yet again. here is a list of online and in real life concerts that one could visit to witness my rapping in direct feed...

july 24 my band " first passionate frisbee club" will be playing Nice, A Fest at the outdoor venue at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, MA

july 30 -- Rapping during Feelings Club's Minecraft festival over on their Twitch Channel

aug 14th -- My new album EPIC will be performed live in completion, with the recoring being the definitive version of the record. Truly not to be missed


sep 9th -- My big bro R.A.P. Ferreira and I will be rapping our darndest in NYC, at Elsewhere Rooftop

oct 10th -- I will be rapping in support of Armand Hammer's Boston MA show at the Middle East Upstairs in full RBYT Garb

ty for your time and attention, if you are able to make any of these gigs i will be forever grateful