epic, if you are here, you are in the club! let this function as a homespot for dev themed projects such as "dev inside" and "music" and "toys creation"

blog 3 - "Reflection on the first Dev Inside and where we can go from here." The first show was so fun! admittedly, there was a miscommunication regarding exactly how to submit a Line Rider track so a lot of people just shared music. WHich is fine too! I'm truly happy with any collaborative outcome that occurs from doing Dev Inside. Wit that being said, I wasn't able to play all the songs that got submitted, so maybe that would be a good starting off point for the next episode? Maybe we could just, play peoples music and take calls on it? If you have any suggestions for the show this month head over to the forum/comment section and leave your ideas! I would love to hear them.

Doing a social collaborative activity like this was really rewarding the first time. I want to have a Dev Inside this month but with holidays and all its tough finding an appropriate date. I am going to ruminate on this further and potentially have an announcement in the next few days. Even if it is more of a lowkey show. Still tho, I don't wanna stream myself playing any videogames. I think, the goal for Dev Inside is for it to be something we can all look forward to not only watching but taking part in. As I calibrate further, I greatly appreciate your support :-)

Over on the Ruby Yacht Outlet Mall I have made available cassette tape copies of my album "Giraffe Track" -- If you're ever feeling like you'd like to support any projects I'm working on, this would be the way to do it for now. :-)

Secret toy project on the way with Moon Physics too so keep an eye on their socials as well :-) over n out!

-Dev Rider, Line Inside